16 May 2015

O Captain! Our Captain..

I have lived better part of my life following the Reds, through thick and thin. A long list of world class players donned the prestigious red jersey since the days I've followed this club - Fowler, Owen, Hyppia, Alonso, Torres, Suarez.. From a time before that, there were legends like Dalglish, Rush, Hansen, Souness - whose heroic exploits I'm only familiar through grainy youtube footages. And then there is one footballer who IS Liverpool through and through, who breathes and bleeds Red - Steven George Gerrard.

Quite often, when I reflect upon my own life, all I could see is gloom and doom, when reasons to move forward look extremely slim pickings. And then I turn on the tv, and watch this guy giving his heart out for a lost cause.. never complaining, never giving up, single-handedly dragging forward his team by the scruff of the neck over and over again. If Liverpool still register on radars of the football community, it is mostly down to the heroics of this loyal soldier. Many came to the club, rose up through the echelons of stardom, and eventually left for greener pastures. All the while, this guy never abandoned ship, never waved the white flag, continued the charge, leading upfront.

You have been the single most inspiration for me to fight through every crappy situation life has thrown at me. You will be missed Stevie G.. and I'm sure I speak for every Liverpool fan out there, You'll Never Walk Alone Cap'..

Champions League 2005 - The header that started the unforgettable comeback
FA Cup 2006 - A piledriver at injury time which levelled the score

Goal against Olympiakos which made Martin Grey go " Ooow Yea beautiee.. What a hit son.. What a hit.. Take a bow"

7 May 2015

Broadening my horizon..

Recently an opportunity presented to step out of my usual style & comfort zone.. And it turned out to be a hell lot of fun :)

 Sample tests done for Learning Yogi, as part of revamping our design style