10 Jan 2016


Tribute to a legendary Misfit, feat. his quotes
(Inspired from a wallpaper I stumbled upon at ZenPencils)

10 Dec 2015

Act 1 - Intro

Okay, so.. this is going to be a post that'll take quite some time in making. I'm working on ACT-1,  including the story sequences and introduction to gameplay elements & mechanics. As for the story sequence, I started working on a script, and immediately realized how much I suck at it. So now I'm doing a quick-study on that as well. No stones unturned. (This book, Screenplay: The Foundations of Screenwriting, is one that I'll recommend for any dummies like me out there on this topic.)
It is kind of.. sort of.. coming together now.. I guess.. hopefully.. Anyhow, as for now I'll upload some layouts I did for the opening intro, and soon the script will follow. Its just bits and pieces right now, and you probably won't make heads and tails out of it until I add the script.
Bear with me mortals

---------------------------------Update Dec13----------------------------------------------

So here is the first draft of screenplay for the opening sequence (Created using Celtx)

--- If that final part sounds familiar, it is indeed an intentional homage :)