22 Nov 2015

Game Design - Docs, docs and docs...

So I've been scouring over every bit of information to find the best ways to document a game idea, from the early drafts to the final versions. From what I've learned so far (Kindly be warned that I have just scratched the surface here. The more I learn, I'll keep updating this post) a game documenation comes from 5 separate areas of expertise - Writing, Art, Design, Technical and Marketing. Barring my limited knowledge in coding, I'm not much upto the task of Technical documentations right now. And I have no shame in admitting that I know jack about Marketing.
So for the time being I'll concentrate on stuff that I CAN cover, which all would be next in my to-do-list.

  • ·         Story
  • ·         Script

  • ·         Art Bible
  • ·         Storyboard & Mockups

  • ·         Proposal
  • ·         Concept Doc
  • ·         Flow charts
  • ·         Design Doc (GDD)

  • Story           - Game Narrative, Backstory and context of the game
  • Script          - Cut scenes, Dialogues
  • Art Bible      - Look and feel of the game
  • Storyboard  -
  • Proposal      - Unless you have bucket-loads of money, you need to learn how to  pitch your ideas, to those who have $
  • Concept Doc- Goes along with proposal. A very rough draft of the game idea
  • Flow Charts - Tracking the flow of levels, worlds, menus
                           -Players decision making process
                           -Character arc/ Character development
  • Design Doc - The leviathan of all the game documents.......
Game Design Doc (GDD)
This one mainly covers the Functional Specifications, Gameplay, Game Mechanics, Worlds/Levels. After referring to a lot of GDD's I think I'll present it in the following format :
  • Table of Contents  - Its good to start with an appendix of the contents in the GDD
  • Intro/Overview      - Understanding the game, General Info(Console, Genre, Demographic)
  • Story Overview     - Just a brief idea about the story in which the game is set
  • AI                        - How world reacts - Independently or to Player's actions
  • Game Elements     - Characters, Items, Objects/Mechanisms
  • Game Progression - Break down of Level/ Stage Design, How difficulty increases
  • GUI and HUD       - Main Menu, Interactive interfaces (Mouse clicks, keys, tap/swipes etc.)
  • Game Mechanics   - Levitathan inside the leviathan...............
Game Mechanics
  • What/How the gameplay really is
  • Camera, Controls, Characters
  • Avatar(s) components and capabilities
  • How Player controls Avatar/ Physical commands for player movements / Avatar's movement model
  • How game control shifts over different levels/stages/worlds
  • Non Playable Character(NPC)s
Now, I have noted down some other stuff, which I'm still figuring out where to fit best:
  • Hitpoints
  • Replayability
  • Multiplayer

19 Nov 2015

MISFITS - Story Overview -Draft 01

So here is a rough idea about the plot and premise of the game. I'll keep posting further updates on the story and game documentations - in the not too distant future....


Story of the game would be mainly presented to the player via the voice-over of a narrator, who introduces himself as “Traveler”.

The year is BS 666. (Its a time in future where the calendar era of AD has been supplanted by BS - Blessed Saga)
This WONT be a dystopian or post apocalyptic setting- There’s enough of that shit already
As a matter of fact, world is all sunshine & rainbows (In your face, Balboa). Love is just all around in the air and everyone seems to be living a perfect, happy life.
This world is governed by a single regime, with the charismatic siblings, “Gabbi” (f) & “Mike” (m) as rulers of each hemisphere.

Back story
Ages ago a civil war broke out in Heaven. The Archangels Gabriel and Michael, teamed up with the most powerful of the Heavens host - The Seraphims, and killed God. The next powerful beings - Cherubims, were also slaughtered along with the rest of the arch-angels and the minor angels.
Seraphims became in charge of all creation, with the 2 archangels playing errand boys for them. But without Daddy-o around to put food on the table, they had to feed on the souls of the dead from all realms. Seraphims particularly preferred the juicy-n-crunchy human soul more than any other, but it put their diabetics(Only disease that is common through out all the realms and as old as creation itself) through the roof because of the “free will” content in human souls. Hence they send the 2 archangels to Earth to rule the humans and eliminate freewill from their souls.
The 2 archangels entered the realm of Earth, typically in Biblical fashion as 'brother and sister'. Gabriel assumed the name Gabbi and Michael became Mike, marking the beginning of a new era(BS). Over the course of time, together they brainwashed humans out of their freewill. Humans evolved into an obedient race of sycophantic slaves to the archangels and proclaimed both as their saviors. (Traveler will be referring to the existing humans as ‘Suckups’ throughout the game). Eventually Mike became ruler of the Southern hemisphere and Gabbi commanded the Northern hemisphere. Together they were worshiped by the Suckups and referred to as ‘The Duo’.

Traveler somehow seem to be immune to the mind-controlling powers of the Duo. He has been traveling through time, recruiting certain individuals with specific characteristics - those who are extremely rebellious in following the accepted social norms- because they’re the only ones who can block out the Duo’s mesmerizing powers and stay focused on the mission. 'The mission' being -  kill the Duo and the Seraphims, thereby freeing the human race.
For doing that the team need to sought out the help of one last Cherubim - who survived due to the fact that he was not in Heaven during the war. Early stages of the game would be about the team's search to find that powerful being who was banished ages ago from Heaven, known then as Lucifer.
Also joining them in their mission would be a character called ‘Jay C’, who is later revealed to be the second-coming reincarnation of Jesus Christ, who is hell-bend on avenging the death of his Father and reclaim his rightful throne.

Protagonists                                                      Antagonists
Misfits                                                     Gabbi (Archangel Gabriel)
Traveler                                                   Mike (Archangel Michael)
Last Cherub (Lucifer)                                Seraphs or Seraphims
Jay C (Jesus Christ)                              

Footnotes :

Traveler calls himself so, for obvious reasons. Cue the guitar riff..