4 Nov 2014

Silver Linings

I look back at the past 2 years, and it seems a lot fucking longer, feel like I've aged 2 decades (None the wiser though). Whatever dreams and aspirations with which I thought my life was venturing into a new phase, I watched them all being flushed down the toilet. And I'm not talking about any of those shiny, spotless toilets in the luxury suit of some deluxe hotel. We're talking about the broken, rotten, stinky ones from dysentery ravaged rural Somalia.

In pursuit of "higher education" (mental note to inner voice, STOP CHUCKLING), made a suicidally spectacular blunder; and even after realizing it, made further a blunder by working my ass off on that lost cause. Misplaced romantic optimism. And sure as hell, it all ended up with not a single poop to show for it. Leaving just as much a financial legacy as Jesus left for mother Mary and 11 confused apostles after his short illustrious career in roman carpentry/saving the world. (There dear JC.. finally something we both can relate to. Spiritual Hi-Five)

And as far personal life goes, made acquaintance with further more homosapiens, and well.. less said about them the better. Having made the mistake of letting myself dependent and attached to the talking apes, I saw myself spiraling downwards - from some one quite used to the glaring reputation of being a stubborn pighead, into this pathetic piece of mess - pleading and yielding for help. Then as IMPOSSIBLE as it seemed, (As mr.Ethan Hunt was briefed back in the 90s, this was not mission difficult, it was mission impossible. Difficult would have been a walk in the park) I picked out all the silver linings in between the dark clouds. And we're talking about very slim pickings btw. Still. A good friend who did stood by my side when shit was falling apart. A job, although financially been a step backward, which provides an opportunity to create a difference. But this making-difference business does'nt look so appealing anymore these days. Sometimes the very thought fuck up my head - having worked my ass off, helping every dick and his sister along the way, giving everything I can possible do - what the fuck more I should have done for atleast a few steps forward?? 

So as far as picking the silver linings go, these 2 years gave me a spanking lesson, right up my sanctimonious bottom, and cured my obsession of caring for the talking apes - hopefully once and for all. (You try to play batman, and these dumb-fucks confuse you for Alfred the butler)

It turned out to be a wake-up call on a spiritual level as well. While "HE" is sitting up there on his immaculate holy bottom, lost in the adulations of two-faced sycophantic leeches,  the other side is offering a much better package than a blank envelope that reads 'eternal salvation'.  Maybe he ought to stop demanding faith, and try earning it for a change. Till then big guy, alvida-dosvidaniya-so long.
P.S. Good luck fighting Armageddon with mr.Gandhi and miss.Teressa leading the charge. 

10 Oct 2014

Paint it Black

Inspired from the art of Frank Miller.. and the Stones,

I see people turn their heads & quickly look away
Maybe I'll fade away & then not have to face the facts
It's not easy facing up when your whole world is black
( Drumbeats.. Mick + Keith .. Sitar Riff.. )
And life is good again.. Finger licking good - pun very much intended